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  • Moje kulturowe zainteresowania

    I'd like to know about European countries such as Scandinavian countries(Norway,Sweden,Denmark), and Iceland, Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Benelux(Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg), Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and something more what I've not mentioned 🙂
    I am also interested in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
    One more thing, if I acquainted with extraterrestrials from other planets or highly advanced bots or hologram with artificial intelligence , I'd be absolutely interested their cultures as well.

  • Czynienie świata lepszem

    Sustainable energies should be supported more and replace fossil fuel as much as possible in a long run to prevent worse global warming even if it cannot 100% replace fossil fuel but it could still be possible to make main energy to produce via renewable energy.

  • Miasta i państwa, które odwiedziłem

    I've been to Melbourne in Australia.
    In my opinion, Melbourne is really impressive city.
    I wish someday I am able to visit European countries as well.

  • 10 lat później...

    Perhaps, I'd go abroad various countries freer as I might be free from working place.
    I may work for artificial intelligence for IT(ICT) mixed with nano tech and modern physics.
    Furthermore, not only human friends but also I may have AI or robot friends and even hologram characters.

  • Teraz jest lepiej

    We can find various informations via websites so fast.
    Transports nowadays are faster and more efficient than past time.
    It is easier to find out global issues and you can visit another country easier.

  • Życie za granicą na jeden rok

    If I had a chance, I'd like to choose Iceland because it is closer to unique option.
    First of all, Iceland is geologically interesting because it's got both of hot and cold sides in terms of nature at the same time.
    Second, Iceland is good at renewable energy such as geothermal technology.
    Finally, I am wondering since I've heard Icelandic people can speak various languages relatively better.

  • Ulubione książki, autorzy, filmy

    My favourite books are "Parallel Worlds" and "WARPED passages".

    And favourite films are on the below but there may be more that I've not mentioned.


    Where to Invade Next


    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Salyut-7 (2017)

  • Ostatnio się uczyłem/am...

    I've learnt Java programming, Python programming, jsp, ajax, JavaScript, machine learning and deep learning.