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Jestem a 23-letnim mężczyzną, i żyję w Wielka Brytania 159.

Znam język Angielski, Hiszpański

Odwiedziłem/am 46 miejsc w 9 państw.

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    I sometimes como up with ideas and stories. To nail it CULTURE is all. Tough I study cultures from around the world, it isn't enough for me so I like to make contact with them, even if it's via web. I've met people that with their anecdotes and experiences I've manage to make some good story so What's your story?

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    The thing is I'm no expert. I can tell you I've tried various things but trying to be an expert on it? No. I sometimes get worked up because I can't be as good as some people but as long as my work touches someone, I'll be glad that my experience led me there. I am bound to fall sometimes about what I do but I will always grab onto something. Now that's worth it!