My name is Trase! Dont be afraid to say hello!

Traseeey Ekspert

Jestem a 20-letnim mężczyzną, i żyję w Madison, Stany Zjednoczone 228.

Znam język Angielski i troszeczkę Francuski, Niemiecki, Włoski.

Odwiedziłem/am 1 miejsce w 1 państwo.

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    Hello! My name's Trase and I'm a university student at UW-Madison in Wisconsin, United States. I'm on here to make new friends and learn about cultures and histories of other countries and regions of the world. I speak a little bit of Italian and French, both classes I've taken in college and highschool. Plus I think it'd be neat to learn another Germanic language like German or Swedish. I can talk for hours about pretty much anything, so please don't be afraid to say hello!

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    I am from Wisconsin in the Midwestern United States. I have never travelled internationally. I have barely had the opportunity to leave the state!