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Hello! I am looking for many different people from all over the world who want to write with me! And mayby you like my Wattpad account https://www.wattpad.com/user/Monzarro

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I've successfully composed a couple of piano pieces I've read more books than i can remember I ran over 100 miles over the summer so i could get a T-shirt from my Cross Country coach I made it to state in a public speaking contest and got 6th

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Hi :) My name is Noan I am a girl I'm 12 but I'm going to be 13 years old I live in France. I like reading and writing, cooking, animals and especially languages ​​and foreign culture. I am looking for correspondents or correspondence to talk about everything and nothing :)

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Miasta i państwa, które odwiedziłem

I´m from a little village in Bavaria. Nothing interesting happens there, so I really like to travel. I love to travel to Italy. I just love that country. And I started to love Great Britain ever since I traveled there with School. I went to Antwerp, Brussels and Gent too ... I never expected it, but I loved it there. And I was...

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Let's get in touch! Tell me about you! Let's learn from each other! 👍 I wait for your message. Everyone is welcome. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are from, which gender you are, which religion you have. 😀

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vertraut nicht immer gleich allen Leuten , lernt sie erst kennen und lasst euch nicht von ihnen täuschen . Schaue nicht nur auf das Äußerliche oder Geld oder so was, du findest den richtigen freund sonst nie. do not always trust all people, get to know them first and do not let them fool you. Do not just look at the external or...

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I like to learn new people, diffirent cultures and like to travel. Like to have a penpal to write with like the old way... with pen and paper :) But a chat/text also ^^ Don't be hesitate and text me :)

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My name is Angelika and I am a daydreamer and night thinker. I love it to talk with people in other languages than German. I love it to read and I also write my own books. I'm a big fan of "old" music like the 80's. For now, I live in Germany but after my graduation, I want to study in Warsaw. And a flavour: If you write to me,...

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Hello ! I'm Cyril, I'm 18 years old, I speak french and english and I'm interesting for meet people everywhere in the world to talk, share on the daily, ours points of view ... I'm more here on Facebook. My pseudo on Facebook is Kyrios Principium. On Discord, it's Kyriøs.#9496. I'm ready to talk with everybody !

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Ulubione książki, autorzy, filmy

I like many books. For example "The City of Dreaming Books" by Walter Moers. Harry Potter still is one of my favourite book series, too. I also enjoy reading classics like Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". When it comes to movies I like to watch Horror, Thriller, Romance and much more. I just avoid pure Action movies.

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Hi! I'm Eve, but you can also call me Eveline. I'm 15 (oh, sweet December). I'm interested in everything connected with art. I love oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, water is just part of me. I'm a proud Slytherin! Idk what to write about... You have my answers down. Don't be shy! Write to me!

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Hi! My name is Onorina and I come from Italy. I'm 22 years old and I'm a student in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation in Naples, where I study English and German. Foreign languages fascinate me because through them you can always see things from a different point of view, you learn new cultures and ways of life. Regarding my free...