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Moje kulturowe zainteresowania

Mi piace conoscere ciò che non so, amo apprendere da altra cultura Me gusta aprender lo que no conozco, quiero aprender algo desde otra cultura

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Hi! My name is Katya and I'm from Russia. I came here to make friends with people who can speak English since that's the only foreign language I can speak :D I'm sociophobic but fear not, I always reply to messages. I have a lot of things to talk about, feel free to contact me! ^^

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Hi, I'm George! I'm mostly interested in writing -regularly- mails & snail mail (paper mail). I'd like to write in English, German and Spanish. I'd like to learn Polish, perhaps a Scandinavian language, some French and Japanese in the future. I would like to know people from around the world. In the past years I've met some...

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Hey! I'm Sarah! I live in France, and i want to meet new friends all around the world, and chat with them. I speack english and a little german! I love to travel around the world. My dream is to make a world tour! I don't really know what to say. I'm a bathroom singer :D Send me a message if you want to talk :)

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Sztuczka albo porada

All you need is love :D

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Hi! I'm Laura, nice to meet you :) I'm 19 years old and live near Venice, Italy. I like reading, drawing while listening to music and play videogames. I’m looking forward to meet new friends – I hope – from all around the world, so don’t be shy and contact me!

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Hello, my name is Adam. I live in London, England. Just looking to make some new friends. I love travelling and meeting new people, so feel free to say hello :)

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I like to learn new people, diffirent cultures and like to travel. Like to have a penpal to write with like the old way... with pen and paper :) But a chat/text also ^^ Don't be hesitate and text me :) Facebook: www.facebook.com/daanm2

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Hello! My name is Lex and I am from The Netherlands. I am here hoping to get to know new people. Life can be rather lonely without friends. I find it very difficult to reach out to people in the real world, so I decided to sign up here. Some of the things I like doing are going for a walk in the woods, cooking, listening to music...

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*Yooo if you are from Southern France, write to me!* STOP SCROLLING AND CLICK! WOW you actually stopped! (Since my face isn't in the photo, if you want a facepic, ask and I can get that arranged.) Since you stopped, you want to get to know me? Nice. So as you might've guessed, my name is Bryce. I've lived my whole life in San...

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Hi, I'm Liliana and I'm 16. I'm friendly and not very shy. I love to help my friends when they need it. I like drawing, listening to music, dancing and cooking.

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I love reading, drawing, painting, and... relax. Don't hesitate to talk to me, I would love to discover your culture and language !