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  • Coś niezwykłego o mnie

    Hi! My name is Stéphanie. My nickname is Steef or Steefje because friends of my always call me Steef because that's shorter
    I am a 18-year-old girl from The Netherlands. I like it to draw, dance, read and make pictures. I am following an education to be a graphic designer. I really like it to make illustrations.

    I am a shy person, but when you know me better I will be different. Sometimes I can be really crazy. I'm a dreamer, my mind is always busy!

    What me makes me special is probably that I always will be myself. I am who I am!

    But if you want to know more things about me, send me a message!

  • Ulubione książki, autorzy, filmy

    I really like it to read books and watch movies. My favorite book is The seven sisters of Lucinda Riley, I really like her style of writing. I can really empathize in the main character of the story. I also really like the books of Jenny Colgan.

    A good movie sometimes can make me very happy, especially The Lion king. I really like that movie, the story, the music, I like everything about the movie. But I also movies like Mamma Mia, Grease, Footloose or Hairspray can make me very happy.

  • Miasta i państwa, które odwiedziłem

    I've been to a lot of places around the world. I went to Bali, Curacao, England, France and a lot of other places. The most interesting places for me where by far Scotland, What a wonderful trip was that! The nature was beautiful there. I visited there Edinburgh and I really love that city!

  • Osobiste wyzwanie

    Since I was a little girl I always was shy. Today I am still shy, but I am working on it to get socialize with people. I want to met new people from over the world.

  • Jestem podekscytowany/ana...

    I can be very enthusiastic about a good book, a good movie, but also about when I receive a postcard or handwritten letter, so if you are also interested in handwritten letters, let me know! But also the small little things that happen in life, especially the positive things in life. Musical is also one of The things that can make me very happy. 😊

  • Czuje się zaniepokojony...

    uhm.. that will be my English, because my English isn't really good. That's one of the reason I am here to improve my English skills.

  • Zawszę lubię rozmawiać o...

    I like to talk about everything, what do you think? I also like to talk about music, books or whatever. S