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  • Powiedz coś do świata!

    Hi, I'm Riccardo from Italy and I'm a 20-year-old student who loves authentic relationship, writing and talking and discussing about science, art, technology, psychology, philosophy, books, and all the things YOU love because in getting in a good relationship between people the best part is giving you all of me and learning the best from YOU.
    Because TOGETHER we can be rich by living someone's else experience of life!
    That's what I love from getting to know new people!

    If you want to know something about me or discuss or make me any question, feel FREE to leave me a message, I'm open to people from all over the world and all points of you.
    Sharing experience is growing up.

  • Miasta i państwa, które odwiedziłem

    I have been in England and in Ireland (Dublin) on study trips and I took part in a cultural exchange in Germany.
    I have also been in Spain (Madrid) where I spent a week with some friends and we went also to... Toledo, visiting by night! (actually: we lost the bus so we wait dancing and walking through the city until the following bus in the morning ahah)
    I have also visited the majority of Sicily, a wonderful island rich of awesome natural and historical spots and full of... delicious food. As a matter of fact my grandparents are from there, so I also know some Sicilian dialect ahah
    Recently I have been in Naples, and of course tasted an excellent pizza!

  • Ulubione książki, autorzy, filmy

    As a teen I started reading fantasy books, in particular I read all the Licia Troisi saga about the "Upside World", then when I was 14 I fell in love with "The truth about the Harry Quebert affaire" written by Joel Dicker, then I adored Ken Follett's books like "The Pillars of the Earth", and soon I want to finish the utter penthalogy.
    I also like essays and my favourite science populariser is the phisicist Carlo Rovelli of "Seven brief lessons of physics" and "Reality is not as it appears", which led me to subscribe to the course of Physics at the university.
    A book I found marvellous is certainly "Die Stadt der Traumenden Bucher" (The City of Dreaming Books) by Walter Moers, I got interested in the figure of Bertrand Russell, a philosopher mathematician and logicist of the 20th century, reading his paper "The reason why I am not Christian" and I also loved "The art of being fragile" of Alessandro D'Avenia.
    Come on, you'll understand that I love books at 360° and I am always curious to learn something new by reading a good book!

  • Zawszę lubię rozmawiać o...

    I love talking about science, philosophy, art, poetry, psychology, personal growth, feminism, books and whatsoever because I love to share the little world of knowledge I got until now and love - more - to listen to the big worlds of knowledge everyone has on its own!

  • Teraz jest lepiej

    I think nowadays there is the beginning of a cultural movement which is bringing to a more liberal discussion in different themes that in the past were given as facts.
    I am talking about the LGBT movement, the increasing interest and events to bring to a cultural change in the patriarchial society throughout the last Feminism Wave, but also mental health and sexual freedom.
    I know that these are very delicate topics, but I am happy that today there is the possibility of having discussion and talking about these things which have always been present in society but have been always put into secrets, taboos and like something you could not talk about.
    I am here to claim the right of FREEDOM of the human soul, obviously with the respect of who is around you.
    Sorry, I have been too serious maybe, but this is something of big value in my opinion.

  • Sztuczka albo porada

    Listen. Always.
    First to yourself, and be guided by your heart.
    But overall, listen to people and listen actively.
    In a world were performance and create and write and speak out loud to have a bigger voice over others, Listen is a revolutionary act.
    So, if you got it.. you should have listened to what I've just said! 😉

  • Moja opinia o naturze ludzkiej

    So fu*king complex that we know the 1% about it.
    I think this is the biggest question of our time: between individualism of a society where we are always more and more "connected" virtually but just focused on our own but at the same time we need the Other, unless we can't deal with the big challenges the future of a world full of technologies and man control over "his-not-his" beautiful and wide-but-limited wonderful "pale blue dot": our home, the Earth.

  • Moje kulturowe zainteresowania

    Alphabet, words that in my language don't even exist, food, habits, school system, activities, music and pretty much everything: because the Other is Richness, Diversity takes to Beauty.