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  • Miasta i państwa, które odwiedziłem

    Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, England, Turkey, UAE, Morocco, Grecce, Bulgaria

  • Powiedz coś do świata!

    Hi I'm Kacper)
    I live near Warsaw in Poland
    I'm 16 years old
    I love traveling, meet new cultures and learn languages,
    My hobbies are listening to music, history, geography, watching movies and playing games
    I'm a great fun MiddleEarth and Star Wars Universe
    I also like Marvel films
    You can talk with me about everything)
    Don't be shy, you can always chat)

  • Jestem ekspertem w...

    Sing, playing guitar, helping people ❤️

  • Kiedy byłem/am dzieckiem, pragnąłem/am...

    To be a pirate😂🏴‍☠️

  • Życie za granicą na jeden rok

    Yes, of course. In 2017 I was in London, I love it, this climate and the appearance of the city, since that time, I'm still going to live there. I love London

  • Ulubione książki, autorzy, filmy

    Books: I love Tolkien's world Universe, also Diary of Wimpy Kid and Marvel comixes.
    Movies: StarWars, Marvel Universe, LordOfTheRings and Hobbit, Growns-up
    Series: BigMouth, SpongeBobSquarepants, AmazingWorldOfGumbal

  • Zawszę lubię rozmawiać o...

    History, politic, video games,music, culture, everything...