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  • Powiedz coś do świata!

    Hello, I'm a 16 year old girl from Germany. I really like animals and to learn about other countries. I'm currently learning french. I know a bit japanese because of Anime. My hobbies are reading,listening to music and if I feel like it drawing. I got really lonely here so I thought why not get another friend. You're free to write to me.

  • Ulubione książki, autorzy, filmy

    My favourite books are the Warrior Cats books from Erin Hunter and Manga.

  • Moje kulturowe zainteresowania

    I would really like to travel to other countries and learn their history and traditions. And maybe a few words from their language.

  • Życie za granicą na jeden rok

    I would really like to live in Canada, England or Japan. I absolutely love these countries. 💖

  • Przyjemności dzieciństwa

    I really liked to play with my best friend, but also with my grandpa and uncle. I really liked to watch Anime too, sometimes I wouldn't want to eat breakfast or supper because I watched it.

  • Czuje się zaniepokojony...

    I'm worried about my mum. She married a few months ago, I know it's normally something to celebrate. But in the last few days their always fighting. I'm afraid that it won't last. She already had these problems with my father and the father of my brother. I only want her to be happy...

  • Moi rodzice i ja

    I really want to see and talk to my dad, but my mum won't let me do so. At least it was like this for a few years. Now I'm allowed to see him. But I'm worried that he doesn't like me...

  • Sztuczka albo porada

    You shouldn't look on someone's beauty, money, popularity, colour, history or religion. You should only look on their heart, personality and soul. Only then you'll find a true friend.

  • Miasta i państwa, które odwiedziłem

    As I was 5 years old I visited Turkey. 2 years later I was in Wiek because I always felt sick, the sea air was supposed to help me (what she did I never get sick anymore). One year ago I was in Denmark on Fjellerup beach. A half year ago I visited Straßburg and Colmar with my church group. We stayed in Kehl for the time as we visited this cities.

  • Osobiste wyzwanie

    It's really hard for me to talk to people. So it's always a challenge in school if I need to talk to the class.

  • Zawszę lubię rozmawiać o...

    I don't really have anything what I like to talk about. But I talk a lot sometimes about politics, animals, Hetalia or other cultures and traditions (if I know something).

  • Jestem podekscytowany/ana...

    My friends here on Penpal. Most of the people in school don't like me this much. So I'm thankfull for the ones I have here. :-)

  • Osobiste umiejętności

    I learn things really fast and I'm better at foreign languages then my mother tongue.

  • Coś niezwykłego o mnie

    My character is based on Prussia, Germany and Poland (Hetalia characters). If I meet new people I'm really shy like Poland. Sometimes I'm hard working and quiet like Germany. And lets just say I can be like Prussia too (crazy, loud, etc.).

  • 10 lat później...

    I still don't really know what to do... But I want to do something with history or other countries.

  • Kariera bez przeszkód

    Like I already said, I would really like to do something with history or other countries.

  • Moja opinia o przyszłości

    I'm sad that soon I'll be leaving school and most of my friends behind. But I'm also exited that I'll start living on my own, meet new people and hopefully travel a lot.

  • Kiedy byłem/am dzieckiem, pragnąłem/am...

    To keep my best friend. We still see each other yes, but we don't hang out anymore and hardly talk to each other.

  • Największy żal

    Back then was my birthday and my dad was in the village. My grandma /his mum said that I can come and see him. I telled that my friends who came to my party. But I was to loud and my mum heard me. She took me out and screamed at me that I could never see my dad and go to my grandma again. After a few years she moved away and I don't know where to...

  • Za bardzo lub za mało doceniane rzeczy

    Overrated are things like money, power, popularity and the beauty of the body. Underrated are things like the climate change, the fall of the teenagers (drugs etc.) and the conflicts around the world.

  • Moja opinia o naturze ludzkiej

    I think humans are rather selfish. We destroy our environment. A lot of people still think that we stand above anything else (animals etc.) and have every right to do these things (war etc.).

  • Ulepszanie systemu edukacji

    If you want to go on a trip you can't go to other countries and you need a good reason for even doing that in the first place (at least where I come from). I want that they'll change it back, so that we can learn other languages,traditions and have a lot of fun.

  • Czynienie świata lepszem

    We still think money is the most important. I think that we should stand together and don't fight over the simplest things. We still respect the borders and most of the people hate what doesn't comes from their own. I think we should respect and accept each other, even if we can't tolerate the other.

  • Moje największe osiągnięcia

    My english is the best of what I ever did/had in the moment.

  • Myślę, że ludzie powinni więcej wiedzieć o...

    I think humanity should know more about certain things, like how to stop the climate change, how to stop the international conflicts and the teenagers (most of them) about other countries, cultures, traditions and how treat each other.

  • Kiedyś było lepiej

    The kids were outside playing. Today you can be happy if someone goes out, either to meet with their friends or other things. At least most of them.

  • Teraz jest lepiej

    I know it's the totally opposite of what I wrote in the other one, but I think it's good that we have these technologies. And I'm also happy, that I can meet new people and make new friends.

  • Ostatnio się uczyłem/am...

    African musics, dances, songs and traditions.

  • Jestem ekspertem w...

    I don't know if it counts, but I'm good at taking care of animals.


harinezumi harinezumi

Gilbird? Hm... I think, you're right, it's awesome name for awesome bird which always fly near awesome me! Khe-he-he. It's much better that 'Pier' of fool Francis. So, awesome we, go to the adventures!

harinezumi harinezumi

Sometimes, we're getting together to remember our good old days with barrels of beer and vine... and I actually don't remember what happens next, but West is really dissatisfied with me, England doesn't talk to us (even with this baka Francis! he'll never miss a moment to fight with him!), Italy brothers are hiding somewhere for weeks and this bastard Russia somehow suspiciously looking at me. But I'm sure, I was awesome!

harinezumi harinezumi

Unfortunately, France doesn't realy love awesome me after Seven Years' War when old man Fritz decided to make up with England. Oh... I've heard Francis's screams of anger from his own home. As for Spain... he thinks about tomatos and Romano! So we have no choice. We must to seize the world together!

harinezumi harinezumi

Hetalia made me love history and it's my favourite fandom for years ^^ So if people don't know something, we can tell them about it! ke-he-he-he