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Are religions necessary in life?
Hello guys
Hi everyone!
Spanish teachers
French name
Fans of the Hobbit movie / book
A word to describe yourself
Anyone who likes to have snail mail pals??
Where are you from? (poll)
Anyone here?
Going back in Time
Would you like to do an exchange year?
Pet Pictures
What are you`re hobbies?
How would you describe yourself?
How did you find out about Penpal gate? And why did you start?
Which countries would you like to visit ?
How to say 'Hello' in your language? :)
Who is(are) your idol(s)?
Amigas por carta en España
What’s your favorite film or serie on Netflix?
Who doesn't need help with school help?
Buch suche
Who likes physics AND writing letters?
Looking for italian and german penpals
Looking for a penpal