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  • Ulubione książki, autorzy, filmy

    My favorite book is literary memoirs of Muxin.
    My favorite weather is Cao Wenxuan.

  • Powiedz coś do świata!

    There is only one earth, in order to the future of mankind, I hope that all the people around the world who love nature and environmental protection together for the future.

  • Moje kulturowe zainteresowania

    Unfortunately, so far, I haven't learned much about other cultures. I hope friends from all over the world can introduce your local culture. Each local culture is unique, and each local culture is ifferent, looking forward to your reply.

  • Miasta i państwa, które odwiedziłem

    I haven't been out of the country since I grew up.In the country,my favorite city is Shaoxing. Shaoxing is a very interesting place, because its cultural heritage is very strong. Well, I have been to the Shaoxing Lu Xun Museum and the former residence of Lu Xun.The Nineteen Peaks in Xinchang are also incomparable.

  • Zawszę lubię rozmawiać o...

    I am a history lover, always like to introduce some interesting historical knowledge to others, of course, I am also very interested in geography.

  • Moja opinia o przyszłości

    I have always been an optimist, so my attitude to my future is optimistic.

  • Kariera bez przeszkód

    In my opinion, the importance of politics and the legal profession is the same.Well, from the bottom of my heart,I want to be a politician.But in any case, the future needs to work hard, or you'll get nothing.

  • Coś niezwykłego o mnie

    If there's something different about me, well, in other people's minds.I am the Prince of positive energy. However, in my case, I'm just a person who have positive attitude.Maybe you'll find something different about me.

  • Sztuczka albo porada

    There is no difficulty that can not be overcome, there is nothing that can not be achieved, try your best to refuel.

  • Ulepszanie systemu edukacji

    In school, I think it is not only a knowledge point in books, but more importantly, it is a kind of academic accomplishment, an attitude towards life, and a kind of curiosity and love.

  • Największy żal

    So far, I haven't had any regrets.

  • Moi rodzice i ja

    Parents always force us to do something.And we're always going to fight it.
    Maybe this is the existence of the generation gap.

  • Jestem ekspertem w...

    Still feel it's too late, I'm not an expert in some field.Maybe in the future I will find something I'm Is expert in.

  • Życie za granicą na jeden rok

    If I could live abroad for a year, maybe I would go to A European country.The position of European civilization in the history of human civilization is important.I want to get to know him, to get to know him on a deeper level.

  • Moja opinia o naturze ludzkiej

    I believe in the ancient Chinese saying that people's nature is good at the beginning.

  • Czuje się zaniepokojony...

    I am concerned about the development of China,which will give a great influence in my life.Secondly, I'm concerned about global warming,Which will influence the future of human.

  • Przyjemności dzieciństwa

    Unlike other peers, I was more keen on reading books when I was a child,especially some books about ancient Chinese history.Of course, I'm also keen on playing chess.

  • Czynienie świata lepszem

    Details determine success or failure.So everyone starts from small things, it will make the world more beautiful.

  • Kiedy byłem/am dzieckiem, pragnąłem/am...

    I think it's better to focus on finding your own interests in adolescence.If it changes, I hope I can dabble more in what I am interested in, rather than blindly studying.