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Jestem a 19-letnim mężczyzną, i żyję w Kyiv, Ukraina 213.

Znam język Angielski, Rosyjski, Ukraiński i troszeczkę Niemiecki.

Odwiedziłem/am 12 miejsc w 1 państwo.

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    Hi, I'm Alex from Ukraine. I started to realize that I realy want to meet with people from other countries, with different mentality. I want to find a good friends with whom I can be myself and who can be open to me. I think friends from different countries and with different thinking can help each other to look at different things from the other side, which is very helpful from time to time. At my profile are my fotos and answers on the different questions. If interested in communication with me and think that we will have fun - let's go!)

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    People should understand and recognize that they are the part of nature, not her creators. People should be more humane, they must respect others, help them in difficult situations, don't be separate. Society must be reformed to more progressive form, where all will have what they deserve, but there are no place to corruption, poverty, xenophobia and disrespect for people with disabilities. People should be people, not selfish machines.